15+ Amazing Bedroom Paint Color Ideas


Sleeping in a calm and beautiful bathroom should be on everyone’s priority list. Why you ask? This is because a bedroom is a place where you spend most of your day. Just think about it. The recommended amount of sleep for each person is 8 hours a day. It’s a third of your day. So, it’s really important to make a sleeping arrangement that could accommodate your needs in the most comfortable way. One of the ways to do it is by the use of color. A bedroom paint color idea that is good to use is gray.

Gray is a shade of color that is a combination of both white and black. A perfect balance of those two creates a balance cool and neutral color. It becomes a sophisticated color that carries the attributes and the effect of white and black at the same time. When used in a place, the color of gray –especially light gray, can emit a sense of calm and feminine. It relaxes your nerve when you look at it. So, the use of gray in your bedroom wall will definitely make you sleep soundly at night.

Light gray is perfect to put in a room if you want your room to appear a lot bigger. It has the same aura as white, but it will be less risky to use as wall painting because it won’t get stained easily. While if you use dark gray as your bedroom paint color idea, it will automatically transform the atmosphere to be a lot more masculine and moody. It’s a perfect aura to create if you want in a room for it makes it more intimate and cozy.

Your choice of the paint on your wall has a huge effect on the atmosphere in the entire room. Whether you want to make your room more calm and relaxing or more intimate and cozy, you can easily get that with the use of gray. Put it in strategic places to induce that feeling more. Take a look at these examples on how you can perfectly create that aura with the use of gray. Check them out to use as inspirations in your bedroom decor.

image source : pinterest.com

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