20+ Wonderful Farmhouse in Texas by Magnolia Homes


Talking about the farmhouse style bedroom, there are several basic things you should understand before designing one in your home. The farmhouse style is distinctively American. The most blatant character is its down-to-earth vibe. This style is suitable for both small and large spaces in your home.

The farmhouse style will incorporate several things such as its sturdy furniture. The furniture has been tested by times and those are made of wrought iron and distressed woods. Its color palettes include sage, navy, cream, gray, and of course, white.

If you can add bigger furniture then you can create a laid-back vibe in your farmhouse style bedroom. Other than that, this style incorporates open shelving to display heirloom pieces and other necessities. Old things could become new ones by putting the focus on their style or by repurposing the old pieces.

When it comes to its materials and textiles, you need to provide something warm. The farmhouse style is a combination of form and function which two of them work together beautifully. For example, if you are going to use unfinished woods from the lighter wood type like oak or birch, you can combine it with neutral colors.

Meanwhile, if you use a heavy one like cherry or walnut, you may feel that these materials add depth and variety to the room. It should be used in moderation by considering the size of the bedroom after all.

For headboards, seating, or window dressing, you can use cotton or linen for a relaxed feel and softness. For a cozy detail, you may include vintage knits and striped fabrics as throw pillows. Feel free to experiment in your bedroom. It should be fun and comfortable yet look cute at the same time. And of course, you should try these tips for the farmhouse style bedroom.

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