24+ Simple DIY Polymer Clay Beads Ideas


When you think about designing beads, it’s not an easy thing. You certainly need the right and unique ideas to make your creations known. You can choose to use simple beads made with polymers. Beauty beads, you can also show by wrapped in mini beads. You will get the fact that every bead you make is unique.

Some things to consider when arranging polymer clay beads are the shape of the beads, texture, style, and color. You must be able to integrate all of these things so that they can be unique and beautiful products. The polymer material is widely used because it has good quality. Besides, combining the shape of the beads can also determine the beauty of the pearls you make. You can combine each size so that the arrangement of beads is not flat and seems to have art.

The use of beads is also diverse. You can use it for bracelets, necklaces, or decoration. The combination of patterns that you combine in a series of beads can also be it’s characteristic. Everyone must have a different definition of a unique and beautiful setting. In general, you will use beads with matching colors, even though they have different shapes and patterns. It will still be beautiful and unique when you use it. The choice of color, style, and size will depend on the user.

When you need ideas for making polymer clay beads, then you can find references from images that were made before. When it’s unique, you need it, and then you can make it different from what you’ve seen. Using your creativity helps to create a unique set of beads. You certainly can freely determine the use of polymer beads. Besides, there are various types available and can be utilized. Nothing can prevent your creative soul from arranging beads.

image source : pinterest.com

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