25+ Funny Toilet Paper Holders Ideas


A toilet paper holder is a small thing in a bathroom that even the present is often ignored. But, can you believe that changing the design of your toilet paper holder will transform the entire look of your bathroom? Yap, a small act with a huge impact! There are a lot of funny toilet paper holders designs out there to cheer up your bathroom design and this polaroid-inspired holder is just a good example. Worried about the photos captured by the camera? You should not! Instead of producing square pictures, the camera will roll out toilet paper squares for you. What a funny idea!

Speaking about toilet paper holder ideas with funny designs, you can use plastic dinosaur toys. This would be a great idea to try especially if your little boy loves everything about dinosaurs. This can also become a great alternative to make the most out of your kids’ toys. Another toiler paper holder with a funny look you can use to decorate your bathroom is a weight lifter-inspired holder. Not only displaying a funny appearance, but this toilet paper holder also comes with a unique system. Due to the shape, the holder holds two rolls of toilet paper at a time. This creates a feeling that you are running out of paper half each time you use it. This can be a great idea to make fun of guests or friends using your bathroom.

Do you want to bring wildlife and a natural look to your bathroom? This cute bear-inspired holder can be one of the best options to take. This is one of the funny toilet paper holders that will remind you of a summer picnic in the woods. A sitting toilet paper? Why not? This funny idea of toilet paper holder allows the cleaning item to sit in an intriguing “can’t miss it” object just between your legs.

image source : pinterest.com

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