36+ Wonderful Ideas to Make Fence with Evergreen Plants Landscaping


The fence is very important for a house. This is because the fence has a function to maintain the security of the house from criminal acts such as robbery. Besides, the fence also functions as a barrier between the house and the road. Therefore, the privacy of the house will be better maintained so that the residents feel comfortable. However, this time the fence also serves to decorate a house. In general, the fence is made of iron, concrete, or even wood that looks very plain. However, now the fence can also be given plants to make the house look more beautiful and beautiful. Besides being beautiful, greenery is also highly recommended so that the house looks fresh. The following are examples of evergreen plants landscaping ideas for the fence.

Bamboo is a plant that is very suitable for decoration fence. This is because bamboo has a very high size so that the house will look more sturdy and very maintain privacy. Besides, bamboo is also a plant that has segments so that the house will look beautiful and more spacious.

Arborvitae – In general, cypress has many types. However, Arborvitae is a type of fir that is very suitable for evergreen plants landscaping ideas for the fence. This is because Arborvitae has an upright shape and also reaches about 3 to 6 meters high. Besides, Arborvitae also has a function to withstand strong winds so that this fir is very safe. Besides, Arborvitae has wood that is lightweight and also soft. The aroma of this type of fir is also very unique and can function as an insect repellent.

Boxwood – The last green plant that is suitable for the fence is Boxwood. This plant is the most often used by many people to decorate their homes. This is because Boxwood is a crop that can be pruned so that the fence looks more beautiful. However, if Boxwood is not trimmed, the beauty of the fence will not disappear. Besides, the green color also gives freshness and also makes the house feel cooler.

Those are some examples of evergreen plants landscaping ideas for the fence. Care of these plants is very easy and also can last a long time.

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