40 Minimalist Home Designs Ideas Under 50 Square Meters


One of the most common issues faced by people in a small house is to find a perfect design to make the most out of the space. Minimalist home designs are often opted to fit the limited space available in the house. With the rightest options decorative items, floorings, lightings, and colors, you can create a chic design for your under 50 square meters house. To make your small home looks larger than its actual size, you can apply light hues and primary strains. Monochromatic hues are often used in houses with small spaces. The color can help you create a warm look and an impression of larger space without creating any pointless visible mess in the interior.

A printed backdrop applied to one of the room’s sides can create a more lively atmosphere to the under 50 square meters minimalist home designs. This can also create a classy look if you combine it with lustrous white framing. As for lightings, you can use a unique pendant. The decorative item can provide your small room with greenish-blue accents. What else? Well, just don’t forget the seating area. You can place a fashionable seat. It doesn’t always the newest one as you can use a remodel Chierowski sofa to be placed in your seating area.

When choosing the rightest minimalist home designs for your needs, make sure to consider the bathroom area as well. You can consider applying clear strains and robust hues to coordinate the bathroom with the overall design of your minimalist interior. As for other accessories in your small house like a TV rack, you can choose the one with blue-green and white colors. They will help you to add colors to your under 50 square meters minimalist home designs that dominated with monochromatic hues. Meanwhile, the chic rug with geometric design can create a modern impression on your minimalist interior design.

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