10+ Beautiful Kitchen Cabinetry in a New Light Ideas


The existence of a kitchen in the home has an essential role. In addition to making the kitchen design more stunning for example is the new light ideas. The beautiful kitchen cabinetry set can make the kitchen neater so that it can make any home furniture fun. When you are preparing to bring a kitchen cabinetry set, you must approve it carefully. Several parts must be considered carefully before buying.

The upper kitchen cabinetry is used to store cooking tools that are rarely used and are heavy. Mounted with assistance on the top wall, the upper cabinet must have a maximum depth of 40 cm. If your ceiling is high enough, available ceiling or solid material covered above the cabinet. This is done to prevent the surface of your kitchen cabinetry from becoming a den of dust. The lower cabinet is dedicated to storing items that you use frequently. Besides being done as storage, this area is also made a place to put a microwave. The form of storage is also varied, ranging from door cabinet models to drawers. Whatever its shape, the cabinet should have a maximum height of 60 cm.

Located between the top and bottom kitchen cabinetry, the backsplash is useful to protect the walls from splashing water and oil while you are cooking or washing dishes. Usually, the material used as a backsplash is ceramic that is easy to clean. The kitchen set is also a central decorative element of the kitchen. Not surprisingly, many kitchens set that use backsplash with various forms.

The countertop or the beautiful kitchen cabinetry set section located above the bottom cabinet work on your table while preparing your cooking ingredients. Besides, there is a sink and a cooking stove that can be installed in this section. The countertop is board shaped from scratch-resistant material, easy to clean and heat and air resistant, such as marble and granite. The color of the countertop must be adjusted to the design of the kitchen cabinetry which is installed not by the alignment of the other parts.

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