10+ Best Insirations for Styling Your Living Room Ideas


Everyone agrees that the living room is the first place that the guests will notice. A living room can also have a function as longue space, the place where you can spend your time there. This place can be a great place to read, or maybe you can lay there while enjoying your favorite drama or movie.

Decorating your living room to be more stylish can be done in some creative ways. For example, you can decorate it with so many stuff, such as frames, bookshelves, rugs, sofa, etc. Even you can also transform the tile in your living room.

There are so many living room decor ideas that you can apply to your home. And the ideas that you will choose can be varied for each person. The most favorite style of living room ideas is a natural style. This style is adapting the green color and natural nuance.

The creative ways of decorating your living room can be started in changing the tile with some marble tile. As a result, it can create a natural atmosphere in your living room. You can choose the marble tile which has the color of brown or white color.

You can also add some green plants for the living room ideas of decor. You can place the plants at the top of the living room’s table, near the sofa, near the window, etc. Even you can also place some small plants in your bookshelves in the living room. These plants also have a function as the ornament decorations.

By adapting the living room decor ideas, you can also make some quotes that painted with the green color. Because this green color is identical to the natural style. After that, you can frame the quotes and hung up on the wall of your living room.

For the final touch, you can place some furniture made with wood materials. Because wood material is good to apply when you choose the natural style for your living room ideas of decor. So, if you love the natural style, then you can try these ways!

image source : pinterest.com

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