10 Cool DIY Mirror Projects Ideas


Since mirrors can always make a great statement in every room, you should check our tips on DIY mirror ideas. DIY projects would be fun to be done during weekends and you can work with other household members. Another fun thing about making a mirror for your home is that you can always choose the best one that suits every room in your house. Here, we have some ideal for mirrors.
For those who love rustic styles, a wooden palette mirror would be a fun thing to make. It will give a sense of warmth and so much personality in your neutral room. It is simply a mirror with a wooden frame while the frame is unfinished. Rustic always has its charm.

If you are into something expressive, you can try to make a sunburst mirror. This mirror looks like a sun with its bursts. You can use sticks and twigs to make the look of the sun. No matter what room you put this mirror in, this one of DIY mirror ideas will create a warm vibe

A unique idea can be tried with this cut-out art mirror. You can make the frame from any material you have like acrylic, hard paper, and so on as you like and cut it as you desired. Later, you should paint the cut-out frame that will define your personality. Of course, it should be matched with the whole concept of the room. After that, you simply put the mirror on it. There you have a customized DIY mirror.

You can also use your favorite patterned fabric for the background and cover the frame. This arrangement makes it easier to change the cover every time you want to change the pattern or fabric. And these are our tips for DIY mirror ideas you can try at home.

image source : pinterest.com

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