34+ Disheveled Chic Living Room Decoration Ideas


Creating chic living room is a dream for all people. Living room is one of important room in each of homes. In this room, people usually can talk about all things or do some activities together such as playing game. Because of the important function of this room, people need to create best design and look of living room.

Most people choose to create shabby chic living room because it is adorable living room for you who like with something simple and sweet in your living room. In order to create shabby chic look in your living room, you need to add decorations so all that you put in your living room will be able to add elegant and chic look.

The choice of furniture will influence look and atmosphere that you will get in your living room too. When you are looking for best furniture for your simple and shabby living room, you need to choose furniture with shabby frame. You better avoid to use dark color of furniture in the shabby living room and you need to choose white or bright color of furniture to increase shabby look.

Placing your furniture is also important for your shabby living room. You need to float all of your furniture and then choose some pieces that fit to your living room space. For the curtain, please make sure that you choose to hang your curtain high. Some decoration items will be needed too such as plants and rugs. You can choose to add bright color of rugs and also play with some plants to add green look in the corner of your living room. There are some artworks that can be added to your living room. The most important thing that you also need to consider is about enough lighting in your shabby and chic living room. You better add large windows with bright color of curtain.

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