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Tiny house movement has been on the rise this last decade. Many people use it as their living solution for many reasons. The biggest reason for going with tiny house ideas as housing is because of the price. Building and maintaining a tiny house are much lower in cost compared to regular size houses. This is because it doesn't require any piece of land to build on to. It's built on top of the wheel. That's why it's much more economically friendly with anyone's pocket.

Another huge motivation why people decided to take on the tiny house movement is because of the impact that it brings on the environment.  Tiny house create less waste compared to regular houses. With little size to maintain, it means that it also less energy to make it functional, which in turn, less impact on the overall environment. Some even make their tiny houses to be self-sustained and can be completely off-grid.

People that choose to live in a tiny house are usually ones that adopt a minimalist lifestyle. They don't require much place to store their essential items. So, a tiny house idea for their home works perfectly well for them. It also fits with the mindset of people that enjoy freedom and outdoor activities. With a tiny house, you can be adventurous and go anywhere you want at any moment. You won't have to worry about paying a mortgage for a place that you don't live in any way if you go traveling.

If those reasons seem like the things that you want to have as well, go for it. Though, you have to agree, making your own tiny house is a huge commitment on itself. You may run into the thought that it isn't the right thing for you, especially if you've never lived in a smaller home before. So, check some of these tiny houses that you can use as inspirations in your own design.

image source : pinterest.com