50+ Easy DIY Pallet Project Decor Ideas


It’s time for all DIY lovers! DIY your furniture must be something fun and interesting. You have this kind of satisfaction and self-pleasure when seeing your creation finish and excited to use it. Is it your creation, you will treasure it so much.

The DIY is a great thing, why? First, you can recycle the old items in your house, by turning useless to the function and valued items. You can save some money in your pocket by doing DIY yet you have the items you needed! Then if you’re good at selling the goods, you can sell your craft as well and make money from it.

The shelves are one of the ideas you can have when thinking about a DIY pallet project. You can make it either open shelves or the closed ones, it is according to your preference. Hanging your bath equipment would never be so difficult and tiring when you have the hanging shelves in your bathroom. You can hang your towel as well!

The iconic table. This will be perfect for your farmhouse type of living room. The guest can adore how awesome your craft is. Nail your table in unique ways, by placing the pallet diagonally or you can have your round pallet table as well. Don’t forget to polish it to make it look neat and smooth.

The basket pallet will be the next DIY pallet project you can have. You can place it as a storage for children’s toys, placing the pillow decor in the living room, or even you can place it outside for the trash bin. Anyway, it is stunning and easy storage to make.

Another easiest way to get creative with pallets is by unleashing on the wall. The best section to apply is the kitchen, to avoid the walls from the oily spray on the wall. While above vanity bathroom near the mirror, the place where you can adore your creativity, or even as background to your bed.

There are so many easy DIY pallet project decor ideas you can try to make your house. Make the guest impressed by your creativity!

image source : pinterest.com

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