65+ Beautiful Rustic Farmhouse Style Bathroom Design Ideas


The bathroom is a room that has an important role in a house. This is because every day the bathroom is used by the residents. Therefore, the bathroom must be clean and also healthy. Besides, the bathroom in the house must also look more beautiful with a variety of design choices. One design that can be applied to bathrooms is a rustic farmhouse. This design will make the bathroom at home feel comfortable and also soothing. In addition, this design is also very interesting and unique. The following are some things that must be considered for rustic farmhouse style bathroom design.

Furniture made of wood – As the name implies “rustic”, then this design is usually very identical to wood. Use bathroom furniture made of wood, for example, is a storage cabinet for toiletries, a desk, and also a sink. Not only that but also add a mirror with a frame made of wood so that the bathroom looks more unique. In addition to adding a unique impression, the use of furniture made of wood will also make the bathroom look very natural. Choose furniture that has a size that suits the bathroom area. This is very important so that the bathroom looks not so narrow.

Bright colors on the wall – Besides being attractive, making the bathroom brighter is also one of the goals of the rustic farmhouse style bathroom design. This is because the color of the paint applied to the bathroom wall is bright. For that, choose white so the bathroom will be brighter and look cleaner. Besides to white, beige can also be used to make the bathroom bright and warm. In addition to the color selection on the wall, the use of windows is also very important so that light and air can enter the bathroom.

Above are the important things to consider if you want to choose a rustic farmhouse style bathroom design. This theme will make the residents of the house more comfortable and also give the impression of being one with nature.

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