69+ Irresistible Industrial Floor Lamp for Home Decorations


The house is a building that is a residence by the family. Therefore, the house must provide comfort for the residents. This is what will make the residents feel more at home inside than outside. To create a comfortable impression, decorate the house as you wish. If you want to make a house that has a very unique design, the rustic theme is perfect. However, if the rustic theme is too general and boring, the industrial theme is a very appropriate choice. This is because this theme will make the house unique and also different from the others. To give an industrial feel, use very suitable floor lamps. Here are the characteristics of an industrial floor lamp

Color – In general, black is a color that is synonymous with industrial themes. This is because industrial is a design that creates a very firm impression. Therefore, the selection of floor lamps in black is a very appropriate thing. Besides black, other colors that can be chosen are gray and brown wood. Not only that, various other colors such as gold, silver, and copper can also make industrial style for home decoration has a very high aesthetic value. These colors will not eliminate the industrial style of the home. This is what makes this design very interesting.

Material – Another feature of industrial floor lamp is the material used. Choose a lamp made from iron. Starting from the stick to the lamp cover. This is because the industrial style is indeed not far from its metal furniture. Therefore, floor lamps made of iron will add to the house to be very thick with industrial style. Besides, the use of iron will also make the floor lamp very strong so it does not easily fall.

Those are the 2 main characteristics of industrial floor lamp that are very suitable for homes. This industrial style is already widely used in various places such as coffee shops, restaurants and photo studios.

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