70+ Awesome Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas


Some people said the kitchen is the heart of the house. The kitchen that keeps being busy preparing the meals means that the heart is alive. To keep being comfortable in the kitchen, you need to maintain it, cleaning it regularly, and placing the ingredients and the utensils all in neat and easy to find a place.

While cooking is some work that needs a happy mood. Some people believe that when you are happy the foods will taste good as well. A happy mood can appear when you have a great and lovely place to cook. One of the concepts you can apply to your kitchen is by designing a farmhouse kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen design is a concept that has a warm atmosphere, by considering the natural material to be applied to and balancing it with either fixture or furniture.

The wooden floor is perfect always at every farmhouse kitchen design. It is everlasting and aesthetic. You can choose laminate wood or solid hardwood is up to your preference. Matching the floor with the kitchen’s countertop is awesome. Talking about farmhouse kitchen design is not complete without the apron sink, stylish yet function!

Paint your cabinet white to cope with the wooden floor and countertop. White makes it elegant and classic. You will see how beautiful it is the combination of the natural brown and a classic white. It is timeless! The white will lead your kitchen to look more spacious as well. Beside the cabinet, you can match the same color to the white shaker walls.

Move to the accessories and the equipment. Hanging your equipment with some vintage rolls or even pallet rack will do good. To complete the look, hang some flowers, fruits, or birds painting at the walls near the island to increase some appetite.

Well, your farmhouse kitchen is ready to be used!

image source : pinterest.com

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