18+ Smart & Creative Projects with Old Windows


Have many old windows lying around your house, backyard or garage in decades, and don’t know what into to with them? Then you will be thrilled to meet this post!

From the present article, we are talking with you the best way to reuse old windows as great home decor. With just a small bit of creativity and handiwork, it is potential to reverse them old windows into different and functional decoration tasks or a part of furniture for a home. By means of example, you might use these windows to create a vintage headboard, wedding picture frame, gallery wall art, rustic coffee table.These tasks are ideal to deliver some shabby chic or vintage style to your home decor. Or you could even recycle them in to many storage tasks Including the towel cabinet for bathroom and a lot more.

Just take 5 min to browse via a number of other creative jobs with old windows you can DIY and get extra inspiration to your Own original project!

image source : pinterest.com

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