43+ Gorgeous Cactus to Grow Ideas For Your Garden


Cactus ideas for garden would be another interesting thing to be put in your home. If you are living in a desert area, having a garden might be another daunting task. Cactus and succulents would be suitable for the dry area. If you are looking for the best types of cactus for your garden, here we have some tips for you to choose from. Meanwhile, you can simply combine all types of cactus if you like all of them after all.

When you will create some cactus ideas for garden, you need to make sure that they will not sit onto the water. They will suddenly die if there is a pool of water right under their bodies. Meanwhile, if the months are getting on the hottest session, you can water the plant if the soil’s top part is dry. On the other hand, you better keep cactus and succulent without water during winter until spring comes and blooms the newborn.

Every plant needs the right soil to grow. Cactus will grow well with sand mulch. This type of soil allows water to drain away so quickly, leaving the cactus alone. Meanwhile, if your cactus is put on a pot where watering is a bit difficult, you can allow the root ball in a container of water in a short time.

Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus is a cactus type that could tolerate the harshest climates compared to other types. Cactus in Minnesota comes from this type. If you prefer the globe-shaped ones, you can check Crow’s Claw Cactus. There are pink blooms that show up brightly when it grows. This would be a nice colorful addition. If you want a slow-growing type, you can try Pipe Organ Cactus instead. These types would be great to combine for cactus ideas for garden.

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