25+ Inspiring Halloween Porch Decorations Ideas


The festival of Halloween is commonly celebrated in the area of the west coast. This Halloween festival is always identical to some stuff like ghost costumes, pumpkin, skull, etc. Halloween festival also considered a great ghost festival in the whole world. That’s why Halloween celebrations always held each year.

Well, the ideas of Halloween decor can be a great idea to choose if you want to decorate your home while this event is held. Therefore, to make your home to be more likely ghost nuance, then you have to decorate your home with the Halloween theme.

To beautify your home with the Halloween decor, you can start it from your front porch area. For example, you can decorate it with some pumpkins that placed on both sides of your door. You can also decorate your pumpkins with some ornaments, such as add the LED lighting, pour the artificial blood outside of the pumpkins, perforate the pumpkins, etc.

Furthermore, you can add a board that painted with some words that closely related to the Halloween festival. To make it more alive, you can paint it with the blood or red color. And the existence of blood color is one of the most important things in Halloween decor.

You can also add some ghost faces on your front porch. This way can be effective to apply because it can create a real atmosphere of horror theme. You can display some ghost characters like Jack O Lantern, Zombie, Dracula, Witch, Evil, etc. These characters will surely help you in decorating your home with the theme of Halloween decor.

For the final touch, you can add some neon pictures on your walls to make your home to be more horror and dark. Besides that, you can also hang some pumpkins or masks in front of your porch, so that it can scare everyone who knocks your door. These are the great ideas for the Halloween festival decor. Well, it is not hard to try and that is why you need to try this, and have fun!

image source : pinterest.com

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