25 pretty Unique Bathroom Designs Ideas


Though a bathroom is a very private area and rarely used by guests, it should have a good appearance as other rooms in your house. Being a perfect place to escape from busy days, the bathroom design should reflect your character and personal taste. The decoration of the washroom will influence the overall look of your interior design. Adding a small garden just next to the entryway will provide a greeny but stylish divider between the entry area and white oval tub. Meanwhile, the glass entryways and open rooftop installed will provide sufficient natural light to the bathroom. This is a great bathroom idea for nature lovers.

When designing a bathroom, just don’t forget about the flooring. The white tiles with sensational pink marbles installed can be one of the unique bathroom ideas you can try. This will create a surprising distinction. The bold design of the bathroom also comes from the strokes of the dark that seen on the marble floor. This does not only create a classy monochrome bathroom but also a stylish divider between one area in the room with another. The large window installed will provide you the beautiful panorama outside. Meanwhile, the rug on the wood-planked floor adds warms to the room.

One of the easiest ways to upgrade the design of your bathroom instantly is by adding a mirror. Not only helping you to check your look before leaving the bathroom, but the mirror can also function as a stylish divider. Placing a low sofa and white streamlined counter can be a perfect way to help you add a cozy area in the washroom. The wood-planked floor installed adds a classy touch to the room. The teak wood can be a super classy addition to your bathroom design. Meanwhile, the focal point of the bathroom comes from the natural workmanship tiles installed.

image source : pinterest.com

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