30+ Romantic Modern Renovation for a Young Family in Spain Ideas


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Having a small house maybe is not a problem. This way can be solved, such as redesigning again your house to be a minimalist one. Perhaps, you can merge two-room in a house. And in this way, you can also make these rooms to be more accessible and reachable.

To make a minimalist room, you can also merge your longue space with your living room. The function of redesigning your home is to make it more fantastic and stunning. And the minimalist room can be beautiful to see if you can add some furniture that can beautify this area.

If you want to add some decoration in your minimalist room, you can use the unique sofa, such as a foldable sofa, foldable table, etc. Therefore, these ideas can reflect your house as a minimalist room that looks more wide and big.

You can also add some foldable bookshelves in your longue. Therefore, you can spend your time there without any worry about the existence of your books. And from this way, you can also make your room to be a minimalist room. Furthermore, you can save your space to store other kinds of stuff.

For the other idea, you can also make your kitchen to be a minimalist one. For example, you can add some furniture which is not taking up too much space. For example, you can add a small table or the round table for the dining room table. Besides that, you can also reduce the usage of the cupboard to store kitchen utensils by changing this thing with the open shelves. Therefore, it will not take too much space and of course, it can be considered as a minimalist room.

Well, for the last step, you can also add some furniture which has some multiple uses. For example, you can use a foldable sofa that you can use to sit and to lay while spending your time reading or watching television.

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