30+ Cozy Scandinavian Style Home With Green Decor Ideas


Scandinavian style has been one of the favorite styles for design interior to adopt. How come it doesn’t? The aesthetic of Scandinavian style looks beautiful and clean. But unlike minimalist style that seems extremely clean and cold, Scandinavian gives warmth and inviting atmosphere in a place. What’s more unique is that you can still incorporate color in your decor. One-color that looks good in Scandinavian home is a touch of green. Consider a green home for your decoration

Green is the color of life. It’s associated closely with growth, harmony, and freshness. Some even say that it has a healing power because of the feeling restful and relaxing it is to be surrounded by green. In interior design, green is considered to be an ideal background because of the soothing feeling that it gives in a room. Though, pay attention to what kind of shades of green that you choose.

Some shades of green like light green, pastel green, or even mint green works best to be pair with Scandinavian style. You don’t have to go all-out and paint your entire walls green. You can still make your main color pallet to be neutrals like most Scandinavian home. But, instead, use green as the accent color against your neutrals. A combination of green and wood will create a sense as if you’re in nature, which will create that fresh and relaxing atmosphere.

If you want to adopt it in your home, put green in strategic places throughout the place. This article is a curated list of the most beautiful green home that ever graces the internet. The blend between the green accent color and the rest of the decoration is nicely done. Take a look at these examples and take one or two inspirations that you can apply in your home decor. With that, you can have your own impressive, cozy and aesthetic Scandinavian home.

image source : pinterest.com

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