What’s best for a farmhouse theme is that it would make the house warmer and seems simpler. It usually uses some natural materials such as wooden, vegetable fiber, bamboo and so on. This kind of style may remind you of your cozy hometown or your granny palace. It usually triggers childhood memories.

First, if you want your living room to look like a modern farmhouse, you have to pick the best furniture that gets along well with the room. The furniture that will make it look more rustic is some like rattan armchairs. It will make your living room look neat as well. If you want the country sofa, look for the velvet and exposed leg rubber wood will be stunning as ever.

You have to take note that modern farmhouse decor ideas will consider the function, no need to buy or change all the new things. Something like old cloth that you have or find in the thrift shop would be best for the pillowcase or the tablecloth.

Reusing the old log to make your table is great as well. you can make or find the barn board table that will be perfect in the center of the room. If you make one, don’t forget to finish with varnish or paint it too look more refreshing. But I prefer that you just get along with the natural color of the materials, then it will be perfectly rustic.

Another decor like wicker basket placed beside the sofa will be perfect to put your slipcover or pillow in. While vintage lamps near the corner will make your living room very inviting in the evening.
Remember that the tone colors for the modern farmhouse you need are something warmer like brown, off-white, and some grey. Now you have your perfect-for-cuddling space! Inviting your family members and go get-together!

image source : pinterest.com

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