45+ Exciting DIY Painted Chair Decor Ideas


If you haven’t changed the look of your place in a while, you may think that you have to get rid of all of your old furniture. Wait, don’t do that! Your old place can be easily given a new appearance with a couple simple DIY projects. Utilized your old and ugly furniture and give it a refresh in the form of painting. Painted chair idea is great to try on. DIY painted chairs sound simple but it can really transform the whole look of your place.

Doing DIY projects in your place is convenient. It won’t cost you as much as buying a whole set of new furniture. Another aspect that cuts down your budget is that you can do it on your own, unlike if you renovate your whole area. This will save you a huge amount of money because you won’t have to pay someone to do the hard labor. You can also customize the look of your furniture to fit with your aesthetic and personality. This gives your place a unique edge that’s hard to duplicate by anyone.

Your painted chair ideas can be many things. If you like the look of minimalist and clean, painted them in something neutral like white or gray. For someone that likes colors but still wanting their chairs to not stand out, then painting them colorful but in pastel colors will be perfect. Or, go bold by choosing designs and ideas that completely cool, with a handful of colors. Though, if you choose to go with the last one, you need to pay attention to the color composition. Don’t make it too crowded.

Create a sense of freshness and new look in your room by painting your old furniture, instead of getting rid of it. Your bank account will thank you for it. One that is easily revamped is an old chair. You can give it a more fun look by painting it different colors. This article gives you many examples of designs that are a great choice to take as your inspirations. Choose one or two that fits with your aesthetic and transform your whole place with a new look!

image source : pinterest.com

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