10+ Creative DIY Desk Organizing Ideas & Projects


Perhaps you have a home office such as us? Even when you simply have a desk to pay for invoices, then you have got a mess problem. There is so much stuff that goes into caring for company, right? But you spend lots of time in your desk that it has to be coordinated. Plus it has to showcase your style too. We found several amazing DIY desk organizing ideas and tasks which may make your space simplified, and bring some pretty to the mix also. And if you have to be in a desk, why don’t you deserve to test out something fairly?

This DIY desk organizing idea from Sugar and Fabric is a straightforward project that not only gives you a couple of areas to store things, but in inclusion a cork board to trap up things that you want/need to think about! Get some rather novelty push pins and tuck a few travel photos or other inspirational things up there in between the taxation receipts and the to-do list.

image source : pinterest.com

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